Return to Neverland

This Christmas Harrods showcased a wonderful vintage marvel of luxury with their Peter Pan inspired windows. This run featured mannequins seamlessly floating on clouds with not a wire in sight. Hidden within the windows were screens displaying the film and hidden treasures within every inch of the theatrical displays.

The Weird and Wonderful

'We don't stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.

Selfridges are known for their extravagant window displays and this past season proved no different. Their playful inspired windows this year brought alive Oxford St. Taking me back to childhood memories of playing with Sylvanian Families.

Roll up Roll Up: Circus Feature

Circus themed windows are an exciting trend that pop up every season and they vary from gothic to vintage. I have put to together a collection that show the best of what London has presented.

Liberty of London 


Around The World: Paris

 I was lucky enough to take a trip to Paris last year and set within the romantic streets is the famous Printemps department store. Their windows coincided with the launch of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. Showcasing designers such as the late Alexander McQueen the giant props create a striking visual.

My Top 5 Seasonal Windows

Having seen many fabulous windows in my time spent studying VM (and the occasional shopping trip)! I thought I would share with my top 5 best seasonal windows to inspire you all.

Number 1

Bergdorf Goodman NY '08

My top seasonal window has to be the 2008 window run at Bergdorf Goodman 5th Avenue NY. The scenes showcasing all 4 seasons well filled with amazing items all featuring a element of surprise such as these white monkeys swinging from the chandelier. There were items that captured my attention where ever I looked and they remain my favourite windows to date. 

Number 2

Harrods '10

Following a Vintage Peter Pan Neverland theme this past year Harrods created a spectacular visual feast. I chose this window because I love the styling of the mannequin's wigs which saw a herringbone plait cascade from tightly curled afro wigs, placed within fabulously extravagant windows laced with luxury items such as crystal studded Iphones.

Number 3

Selfridges London '09
2009 was a great year for Selfridges Christmas displays which featured Santa in a range of interesting places including a full scale London Tube! This disco inspired scene brought life to the window with the brilliant incorporation of 'The more the merrier' theme continuing throughout the run. 

Number 4

Bergdorf Goodman NY '08

This was a fantastic window I discovered on the luxurious 5th Avenue in Manhattan. Famed for their window displays Bergdorf Goodman is one of the best places for inspiration out their. I love the quirkiness of the feather birds head which brings a fun element to the winter woodland scene.

Number 5

Liberty of London '08 
 If you haven't taken a trip to Liberty of London it is a must! Concealed within the charming Tudor fronted building are some of London's most creative window displays. Below shows a vibrant circus theme that was installed a few festive seasons ago, and a window scheme that was one of my favourites because of the eccentrically fabulous mannequin styling. From the weird to the wonderful Liberty displayed a theatrical feast, with vintage props to 90's disco balls. 

Welcome to the World of VM

Wow! Having studied Visual Merchandising (VM) for 3 years now I have been on the look out for the most creative and quirky windows on high streets around the world and I haven't been disappointed! From our own streets of London to those across the pond in the Big Apple I have spotted some fabulous and unusual designs that bring life to the high street. 

Through this blog I am going to share with you some of the best and latest creative gems in the visual world and offer a glimpse of what lies beyond the window pane. 

Ralph Lauren 4D

I came across this display a few months ago which deserves to be shared with you all. I have to say Ralph Lauren have really taken the concept of window displays to a whole new level. As the building moves and transforms into a catwalk then moulds into a Polo match, 4D graphics bring the whole Ralph Lauren Regent Street store to life to wow the crown. That is certainly one way to grab the passersby attention...Check it out there is 8 minutes of  pure technological and promotional perfection